4 x SFP based SDH interfaces, defined by choice of SFP module
  • 2 x STM-16/STM-4 ports
  • 2 x STM-4/STM-1 ports
4 x RJ45 based Ethernet front ports
  • Sync-Ethernet (only in Tx direction)*
  • Un-switched operation for EoS Point-To-Point 
10 Gbps VLAN aware onboard L2 switch
SDH cross-connects
  • Higher order cross-connects 384 VC-3, 128 VC-4
  • Lower order cross-connects 48 VC-3, 1008 VC-12
Up to 32 EoS groups (virtual concatenated groups)
Access to 1GbE and 10GbE star
Supports Chassis Switch Architecture
Usable in subracks XMC25/23


Производитель KEYMILE


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