Агрегатный оптический модуль STM1/STM4 с поддержкой SFP модулей

Number of SDH ports                  4 (2 x STM-1, 2 x STM-1/4 SFP-cage)
SFPs available with optical LC/PC (STM-1/4) or
electrical DIN 1.0/2.3 75 Ω (STM-1) connector
Number of Ethernet ports      4 x 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet ports
RJ-45 connector
SDH features                           18 x 18 VC-4 HO cross connect
36 x 36 VC-3 or 693 x 693 VC-12 LO cross connect Max. 3 x TU-3 or 63 x TU-12 termination to SBUS
4 x P12 termination to PBUS
Ethernet features        L1-Ethernet over SDH functionality Support of GFP / VCAT / LCAS IEC61850
Traffic protection              SNCP / MSP for SDH traffic LCAS for Ethernet traffic


Производитель ABB
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