The I04C100G-1 card is a Client interface card muxponder that maps up to four CFP4 client ports into four ODU4 containers. The four ODU4 signals (electrical OTL4.4 signals) are then transmitted to one cluster panel which connects to one or two clustered I02L200G-1 line interface cards (via CPA2-1 or CPA3-1, respectively), for different applications.

The I04C100G-1 card uses CFP4 modules which implement the following client interfaces:

- 100 GbE
- OTU4 using Standard FEC 7% according to reference standard document [ITU-T G.709]

I04C100G-1 specifications

Overall dimensions

30 mm wide x 290 mm high x 230 mm deep (1.18 inch wide x 11.42 inch high x 9.05 inch deep)

Number of occupied slots



0.8 kg

Type of faceplate fiber connectors

Client side: 8 x LC/PC via CFP4

Faceplate LEDs

OK (green), Fault (red), and Port (yellow)

Data bit rates (client)

100GbE LAN: 103.125 Gbit/s OTU4: 111.809974 Gbit/s


Производитель Coriant (Infinera)
Тип hiT 7300
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