Flexi-rate Line Interface and Regenerator Card 100G/150G/200G

The I02L200G-1 card is a Line interface card that maps up to two ODU4 containers (when using 100Gbit/s data rates) or up to four ODU4 containers (when using 200Gbit/s and 300Gbit/s data rates) into two line ports. It has four OTL4.4 electric interfaces which are transmitted to one cluster panel (CPA2-1 or CPA3-1), which connects to one or two client interface cards (I04C100G-1 or I20C10G-1) to work as a normal transponder card, to an I04Q100G-1 to work as a Quad-mode transponder, or as regenerator when used as stand-alone (without the need of a cluster panel), for different applications.

I02L200G-1 cards can be installed at SRS-2 shelves if used in the single-card regenerator mode. This scenario does not require cluster panels.
The I02L200G-1 card uses a factory-assembled pluggable Flexi-rate Line Interface Module (LIM400) which implements the following line interfaces:
• OTU4V for 100G CP-QPSK modulation, mapping ODU4.
• OTUC2 for 200G CP-16QAM modulation, mapping 2x ODU4.
• OTUC3 for 2x 150G 8QAM modulation, mapping 3x ODU4 (only supported in the transponder mode).


Производитель Coriant (Infinera)
Тип 100/200G транспондер
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