Central card for fanless operation with 2 x SFP+, 3 x RJ-45 GbE front connectors and RJ45 management interface, SFP+ front connectors usable for 10GbE (by using SFP+) and for 1GbE (by using SFP), 10GbE backplane connection to redundant COGE5, 1GbE backplane connections towards Service Units, usable in XMC25, XMC23 and XMC22, including rights to use OSPF for management traffic as well 10GbE, HW prepared for SyncE* and IEEE 1588v2**. 2-slot width mechanics with extended heat-sink for fan-less operation.
*   Feature Licence 47920359 XMC Lic COGE5 SyncE required,
** Feature Licence 47920367 XMC Lic COGE5 1588v2 required.


Производитель KEYMILE
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